Zymox Topical Cream WITH 1% Hydrocortisone - 1oz

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Zymox Topical Cream WITH 1% Hydrocortisone

Relief has arrived!

ZYMOX not only brings relief to pets but to their owners as well. Over time, numerous veterinary visits for recurring chronic infections can be time-consuming, frustrating and extremely costly to the pet owner. ZYMOX's proven product line provides your store the ability to satisfy your customers demand for convenient, safe and effective topical dermatology products.

These easy to use formulas are safe and effective for long-term maintenance and prevention of ear and skin infections which insures consumer loyalty and repeat retail sales.

Recommended for use on wounds and the most troublesome skin infections.


Surface Infections:

  • Pyotraumatic dermatitis hot spots, wet eczema, acute moist pyoderma
  • Body fold pyoderma

Superficial Infections:

  • Impetigo
  • Superficial and generalized pyoderma
  • Staphyococcus ssp (including MRSA) Pseudomonas ssp. 


Superficial Mycoses:

Microsporum, Trichopyton, Epidermophyton (ringworm)


  • Malassezia pachydermatis, Candida albicans

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Gently clean affected area. Apply twice daily for one to two weeks or as directed by a veterinarian. May be lightly covered with a sterile bandage

Recommended for use on acute moist pyoderma, atopic dermatitis, fold pyoderma, hot spots, anal sac abscesses and other topical infections.

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