Advocate 31-Gauge 1/2CC (U-40) Syringes - Pack of 100

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Advocate 31-Gauge 1/2CC Syringes (U-40)

What our customers say:

"Great syringes. Such a little change in gauge and length on these but what a difference in giving my dog injections. So glad someone finally realized there was a need for this for our diabetic babies."
                       Janice J.

"Love these syringes!  I am so glad I found these syringes! The thin needle makes is so much easier on my dog. She doesn’t flinch when I give her shots anymore. Thank you for stocking these!!"
 Cathy G.

ADVOCATE Insulin Syringes are designed to be used safely by both adults and small children as well as being safe for use on your diabetic pets for comfortable insulin injections. Manufactured using high-quality surgical grade steel, our syringes are easy to use, safer to handle and provide greater comfort due to the thin, fine and sharp extra lubricated needle.

By: Advocate

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  • Thin, Fine, Sharp, Extra Lubricated Needle
  • Tri-Bevel Tip for Greater Comfort
  • Large Clear Unit Markings
  • 1/2 Unit Markings
  • Extra Wide Finger Grips
  • High-Quality Surgical Grade Steel
  • Protective Needle Plunger Caps
  • Single Use Only 

100 Sterile Insulin Syringes (U-40)

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