2 PACK Optixcare L-Lysine - 60 Chews Ea. - 120 Chews Total

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Optixcare L-Lysine - 60 Soft Chews

by OptixCare

Each treat contains 500 mg of L- Lysine - Unlike other Lysine chews that require 2 to 4 treats daily.

Optixcare treats require just ONE TREAT DAILY! 

Optixcare L-Lysine soft chews are a nutritional supplement to help manage Feline Herpes Virus infections in cats and kittens - tasty chicken flavor makes these treats irresistible - handy, resealable pouch - since only one treat per day is needed, one bag can last 2 months!

Optixcare L-Lysine chews - easy to give and taste great to cats.

L-Lysine is a recognized component of the multi-faceted approach to treating herpes infections.L-Lysine has been shown to help reduce the frequency of herpes flare-ups and help with reducing their severity.

The Optixcare L-Lysine Chews are a market first in that each chew contains 500mg of L-Lysine. At the recommendation of many veterinary ophthalmologists, CLCMedica formulated these chews to contain 500mg of L-Lysine each which makes supplementing the cat easier.

Give 1 chew - 500mg daily prior to stress-inducing situations, or if the cat is prone to recurrence of symptoms.
During times of active herpes 1000mg daily is recommended.

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