K9 Advantix II For Dogs 4-10 lbs

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K9 Advantix II
by Bayer Animal Health

Now includes IGR (Insect Growth Regulator)

New K9 Advantix II is gentle enough for puppies 7 weeks of age or older and dogs of any size.
Just apply topically once a month to protect dogs from the problems of biting ticks,
mosquitoes, and fleas.

5 Way Repel-and-Kill Pest Protection

K9 Advantix® II provides protection from more biting pests than the leading competitor.  It not only kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, it also repels them! It also kills lice and repels nasty biting flies.
No need to reapply after a bath or weekly swimming
Does your dog love the water?
No problem! K9 Advantix® II is waterproof. Studies have shown your dog will still be protected after exposure to water—whether your dog has gone for a swim, has been given a bath or has been in the rain.
For best results, dogs treated with K9 Advantix® II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo.

K9 Advantix II is a once-a-month topical tick, mosquito and flea treatment for dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older. It contains imidacloprid and permethrin.

Available in 4 dosage sizes: 10 lbs. and under, 11-20 lbs., 21-55 lbs., and dogs weighing over 55 pounds. 

Nothing else offers this kind of triple protection against biting.

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A synergistic effect that enhances efficacy.
K9 Advantix II is a unique combination of two proven ingredients that work synergistically against parasites. The mode of action of imidacloprid complements the activity of permethrin. Each affects parasite nerve cells at different sites. When combined, the neurotoxic effect against parasites is enhanced. This leads to rapid paralysis and death of the parasites.

Prevents mosquitoes from biting.
New K9 Advantix II repels and kills mosquitoes before they can bite – protection Frontline® Plus can’t offer. As the vector of West Nile Virus, mosquitoes are a growing concern. Research demonstrates K9 Advantix II kills up to 98.3% of mosquitoes and reduces their feeding up to 95.2%.2 Mosquitoes that don’t bite can’t annoy dogs or transmit disease.

Keeps ticks from biting.
New K9 Advantix II offers superior protection against ticks because it repels and kills Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and Brown dog ticks before they can attach. It repels up to 98.5% of ticks–repellency Frontline® Plus can’t offer. Ticks that are repelled and die without biting can’t spread disease. 

Stops fleas from biting.
New K9 Advantix II offers the superior protection against fleas you can only get from imidacloprid. It stops fleas from biting in less than 5 minutes and kills them before they lay eggs. K9 Advantix II also kills flea larvae before they develop into more biting fleas, so there’s no need for an IGR.

New K9 Advantix II is gentle enough for puppies 7 weeks of age or older and dogs of any size. Just apply topically once a month to protect dogs from the problems of biting ticks,
Protects dogs young, old, small and tall.

Keeps working after swimming or bathing.
K9 Advantix II remains effective after swimming or bathing. After repeated swims, 
it kills 97.9-100% of ticks and 92.5-100% of fleas. After bathing, it kills 97.4-100% of ticks and fleas. You can use it with confidence for dogs who like water.

All About Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas

Ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas are three of the most common ectoparasites that afflict both dogs and people. They have known vectors of bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases, and are a source of irritation, discomfort, and stress. A basic understanding of their feeding behavior highlights the need for a tick, mosquito and flea control product that inhibits biting and kills the parasites rapidly.

K9 Advantix protects dogs against three biting, disease-carrying parasites.
Mosquitoes  – K9 Advantix II repels and kills mosquitoes before they can bite.
Ticks  – K9 Advantix II repels and kills four species of ticks – Deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis), American dog ticks (Dermacentor variabilis), Lone Star ticks (Amblyomma
americanum) and Brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus
Fleas  – K9 Advantix II stops fleas from biting in less than 5 minutes. It kills 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours. Reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours. It also kills flea larvae in the dog’s surroundings.   
Due to their unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, this product must not be used on cats. If applied to a cat, or ingested by a cat, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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